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how to start baking cakes, muffins, cupcakes at home
My Baking Monologues

How to start Baking Cakes at home in 6 Easy Steps | Beginner Baker’s Guide

How to start Baking Cakes in 6 easy steps? Does baking a cake sound like climbing mountains to you? The thought of how to make a simple chocolate cake scares you. Confused about how to bake simple cakes at home. Is this you? Then this post is just for you, new baker! It is going […]

flapjack bars banana oats energy bars
Bars and Fudge Recipes

Flapjack Bars | Banana Oatmeal Energy Bars

Sugar-free Flapjack Bars | Banana Oatmeal Energy Bars There are so many times when we are in need of quick energy fix. The hunger pangs we feel just before leaving for shopping or after a swim session or due to running after the kids. At times instead of reaching out to non-healthy options like chocolate […]

6 Baking Tools you need if you are a new baker
My Baking Monologues

6 Essential Baking Tools for a Beginner Baker

Baking is a trend that is catching up like fire and before you know every other person is making a cake at home! This was not the situation many years ago when the only place you used to get iced cakes was the local bakery! Times have changed and people have started baking at home. There […]

Savory Baking

Eggless Wholewheat Semolina Breakfast Muffins

Here is another healthy breakfast recipe when we are short of time in the morning, we do not have any eggs in the pantry. Neither do we want to cook up something time-consuming nor do we want to choose some processed food like cornflakes or instant noodles! This Wholewheat Breakfast Muffins recipe comes in handy […]

Night Sky Cupcakes
Decorating Tutorials

Valentine’s Day Night Sky Theme Cupcakes

With Valentine’s Day coming up in few weeks, I was so eager to come up with something different as all we see around Valentine’s is the same mushy, lovey-dovey heart designs or chocolate coated strawberries or even floral designs as a symbol of love and this cupcake design was exactly the thing that was going on […]