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Eggless Moist Red Velvet Cake
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Moist Eggless Red Velvet Cake

Moist and Fluffy Red Velvet Layer Cake Recipe (It’s Egg-free!) Red Velvet Cake finds its origins in the United States but is the most loved flavor everywhere in the world. I like to call it the Curiosity Cake. After all, there are so many people curios as to how it’s made! Whether it is a […]

Eggless Chocolate Cake
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Basic Eggless Chocolate Cake

Kids simply adore Chocolate Cake(and adults as well, I’m one of them..haha!) and there would be no mommy who will disagree with me on that! I always have an upper hand with my daughter when i have Chocolate Cake in my pantry! 😀 Ever wondered how simple an eggless chocolate cake (or even with egg) […]