Night Sky Cupcakes

Valentine’s Day Night Sky Theme Cupcakes

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With Valentine’s Day coming up in few weeks, I was so eager to come up with something different as all we see around Valentine’s is the same mushy, lovey-dovey heart designs or chocolate coated strawberries or even floral designs as a symbol of love and this cupcake design was exactly the thing that was going on in my mind! Something which has love and romance written over it and yet not the usual ‘red’ stuff!

This design showcases two souls soaking in on some quiet time watching the night sky come alive! What more does a modern couple ask for!

Night Sky Cupcakes






Here is a video tutorial for this:


Valentine’s Day Night Sky Cupcakes

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To make these lovely cupcakes, you need:

  1. Regular Whipped Cream/Buttercream
  2. Sky Blue Gel Color
  3. Navy Blue Gel Color
  4. Black Gel Color (or simply add some dark chocolate ganache till you get the desired color)
  5. Dark Chocolate Ganache (of 2:1 ratio – 2 parts chocolate to 1 part cream)


Making the Color Shades:

Before you start adding colors, keep some white cream aside as we need it to make the stars.

Start by adding few drops of the sky blue color and mix till the desired shade is achieved. Again, keep some aside.

To this sky blue colored cream, add few drops of navy blue color till the desired shade is achieved. Keep aside half of this shade colored cream.

To the navy blue colored cream, add 1-2 drops of black gel color and mix. You could also use some dark chocolate ganache as a substitute for black color.


Night Sky Cupcakes










Color Shades on the Cupcake

I have used the darkest shade, i.e. the blue color with black added to it, as the base color for two of the cupcakes; adding the lighter shades and mixing eventually.

You could also give a swirl before designing the cupcake with a 1M or 2D Rose Flower Piping Tip.

I did not use any piping tips for this cupcake design. Just snip off a tiny part of the piping bag tip and you are good to go!


Happy Piping!

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  1. These are absolutely beautiful!! I will be making them for Valentine’s Day for sure 🙂

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